It Starts with Trello


I first was exposed to kanban a few years ago. It was the thing I didn’t realize my life was missing.

It started with Trello. My fixation on productivity had long existed, but Trello and kanban really took it to the next level.

How Trello Won My Heart

  • Kanban. ❤️ Kanban ❤️
  • Beautiful. A nearly infinite supply of backgrounds, thanks to Unsplash. Image attachments are feature on the card itself.
  • The ability to use other boards and cards as attachments. It turns out to be surprisingly handy.
  • The ability to copy lists and move copies to other boards.
  • I have yet to find anything I can do on the website that I can’t do in the app.

The Death of Trello In My Heart

  • Tags are limited to within one board.
  • Not a great dashboard
  • To be perfectly honest, I had an emotional affair with Asana. Then Zenkit. Somewhere along the line I had a thing with Todoist but it means nothing to me, baby.

This is a conceptual version 2 of a post I made on my professional blog.